William Coffin & Sons
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Fishing Supplies

Fishing enthusiasts, this is your go-to place for all fishing supplies conveniently in one location. With our years of experience and great location, you can guarantee that we have all the best essentials to take out on your boat.
From bait to fishing rods, we offer competitive pricing and quality that you cannot beat anywhere else. Always trust a family-run business to offer you the best supplies for family activities.

Bait Shop

Make sure you are prepared when you go out onto the waters for your next fishing trip! Our Bait Shop here at William Coffin & Sons has bait for lobster, coastal fish and much more, giving you the top choices in baits and lures.

The key to getting a good catch is proper equipment and bait, and when you are looking for reputable brands and fresh bait options there are none better than us. Just come down and visit our location, and you’ll up your chances that much more when you go out on the ocean!

Fishing Shop

A fishing shop needs to sell more than just a ready to go fishing apparel. We are proud to have many years of experience in the fishing shop business in the best location on the market. Our shop includes the best bait you can find in a convenient location and supplies to get you the best catch!

Browse around our shop for as long as you please and do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff any questions about the best tools for you because we are experts!

Salted Lobster Bait

Are you tired of your bait getting eaten up by other sea critters? Have you been getting less and less lobsters lately with you bait, and need a solution fast? When you are looking for a new way to get the lobsters you want with less bait lost to other sea mammals, we here at William Coffin & Sons have a solution for you!

We offer the best of the best when it comes to Salted Lobster Bait. The unique properties of salted lobster bait lets it sink down to the bottom faster, letting the lobsters nibble all that quicker and also make it easier for storage after, as salted bait lasts longer and gives off less odor.